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Monoliths - The Omnipresence of Emptiness LP - Broken Limbs Recordings
Crown & Throne

Monoliths - The Omnipresence of Emptiness LP

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"Monoliths brings together the immense slow and low talents of Tanya Byrne (Bismuth, Megalodoom, Nadir), Henry Davis (Moloch, Nadir), and David Tobin (Ommadon, ex-Snowblood). Instead of Bismuth’s dynamic range, Moloch’s corrosiveness, or Ommadon’s longform minimalistic loudness, Monoliths is just a plain ol’ bludgeoning. Almost obsessively so. The flipside of the trio’s two-song self-titled full-length debut, “The Omnipresence Of Emptiness,” pretty much rides two riffs for its near-17-minute duration. But these are some riffs; deep and heavy, targeting a sludgy sweet spot. The first thing you notice is the distortion. Excess materials fly off Tobin’s guitar tone like the detritus in one of those slow motions shots of a rocket launch. His timbre isn’t the only point of interest, though: Byrne’s bass is this wall’s reinforcement, Davis’s crashing, thumping drums the mix’s glue. And granted, 17 minutes of this sort of immensity could grow tiring for even the doomiest doomer hermetically sealed in a thick cloud of sativa. So, in the grand tradition of Dopesmoker, Monoliths is all about the tiny variations that keep things moving. Tobin and Byrne add all sort of pick-scrapping flourishes and acidic leads while Davis focuses on keeping steady time without being overly repetitious. Think Buried At Sea at their sonic crushing best. Or, hey, think nothing at all and let the ecstasy of diminished hearing wash over you, wave after tympanic terrorizing wave. Once Byrne unleashes her deep growl, you’re either ready for 10 more minutes or you’re consoling your speakers." - Stereogum

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