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Anthems of the Undesirable

Left Cross - Servants of Death cassette

$ 6.00

Calling to mind the trudge of Bolt Thrower and the manic fury of Grave, Left Cross’ latest effort Servants of Death drags the listener into the trenches and informs them that they have two choices: “Kill Or Be Killed.” Tight yet massive-sounding drums lead the charge before filthy bass and guitar tones flank your ears, immersing you in the brutality of combat. Un-muddled guttural vocals guide the listener through the horrors they must confront on the front line, while frantic guitar solos whizz past like stray bullets. Steel yourself — Servants of Death is no-frills, punishing death metal that’s meant to destroy. - Cody Endres (RVA Mag)

200 copies on pro-dubbed, imprinted, chrome cassettes with four-panel J-card and download code. Art by Michael Baker.

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