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Ivory Antler

Gates - Moths Have Eaten The Core LP

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"Constructed from layers of densely textured drone, haunted melodies, forlorn voices and processed field recordings, ‘Moths Have Eaten the Core’ opens a dark yet strangely meditative void. Its thick, opaque sonics unfurl a spiritual journey through intense and enveloping emotion, yet evoke a state of abject solitude. "Moths Have Eaten the Core" was originally released in limited quantities as a CD via Bryan W. Bray's own Astral Ra (which later saw a reissued through Ivory Antler Recordings and Publications with slightly altered artwork). This recording has been remastered compliments of James Plotkin specifically for both vinyl as well as digital and will have radically different artwork than the previous editions provided by the photographic eye of A.E. Csaky (Sutekh Hexen "Empyraisch" LP) and Design by Bryan W. Bray. The jackets are a tip-on style, single pocket jacket printed at Stoughton Printing Company, while the rest of the packaging includes black dust sleeves, a four button set in a black zip lock bag, an 11" x 17" fold-out poster, and a download card printed on 32 lb. metallic paper to redeem the entire recording which also includes a bonus ten minute track entitled "Absence (Choral).".

Purple vinyl.

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