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Curseworship - S/T cassette - Broken Limbs Recordings
Crucial Blast

Curseworship - S/T cassette

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"Hard to imagine that one of the guys behind the filthy slithering death metal and mutant black drones found on the debut tape from Curseworship is Ross Hagen from the long-running dark ambient outfit Encomiast. While Hagen has been exploring heavier sonic territory in recent years with his experimental black metal project Schrei Aus Stein among other projects, the barbaric black sludge of Curseworship is easily the heaviest thing he's been involved with. On the trio's self-titled debut cassette (released through our own Infernal Machines series), Curseworship crawl through a grim subterranean sound-space of old-school death metal worship, metallic crust, industrial noise and psychedelic synthesizer, fused together into an ugly, mesmerizing mass of cavernous rumbling horror. Limited to two hundred copies, on professionally manufactured cassette." - Crucial Blast

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