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Broken Limbs

BLR068: Cara Neir / Wildspeaker - Guilt And His Reflection cassette

$ 5.50
Guilt and His Reflection is a singular alliance between Arlington, Texas crust duo Cara Neir and DFW, Texas partner in crime Wildspeaker. The split, set to be released on September 16, 2016, details the decay of humanity crumbling into itself. This partnership exposes the story of post-civilization sins committed when desperation overwhelms.

"The concept and work behind this split is a little more unconventional than our usual split releases, being that it's a concept fully realized through both bands. Given the runtime and conceptual tie-in, the total package is more like a split full length of Cara Neir & Wildspeaker. The concept itself revolves around cannibalism in a post-apocalyptic scenario; it's not necessarily in a graphic shock value way, but more about the psychological effects of a subject in dire circumstances. He not only resorts and succumbs to it, but experiences a duality of embracing it for survival, yet detesting himself and the world he lives in." - Garry Brents of Cara Neir

Limited to 100 white shell cassettes. Artwork and layout by Alex CF.
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