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Broken Limbs

BLR052: Nightslug - Loathe LP

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Throughout the seven songs on Loathe, German sludge monster Nightslug remains consistent in its crushing riffs, pissed-off vocals and sheer hatred, altogether making for one of the heaviest records of the year. With Loathe, the band has succeeded in crafting an album that captures its nihilistic vision of the world.

It’s not often that a band impresses me on first listen like Germany’s Nightslug has, but this power trio brings a brain-crushing tone that’s heavier than a thousand collapsing bridges.” – Cvlt Nation

Limited to 500 12" copies: 300 black and 200 yellow vinyl. Accompanied by a heavyweight jacket.


1. Vile Pigs
2. Loathe
3. The Thrill is Gone - Repulsion
4. Under A Bane
5. Disease
6. Pure
7. Tainted Throne

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