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Broken Limbs

BLR043: At Dusk – Anhedonia cassette

$ 5.50

At Dusk's debut full length Anhedonia on cassette. At Dusk is a one man black metal act from California. Having spent the past few years releasing demos and splits, it is now finally time to unleash its full potential on a long player. This project is very close to our hearts so it is a privilege to work with At Dusk's driving force, Korihor on this.

"Gasped into being midst ocean fog and ancient pines in California's central coast, the plaintive and cathartic howlings of At Dusk was first revealed by Korihor in 2010. Strains raised in thanotic reverie, these are hymns to the ultimate, dark beauty found at the core of anguish: erected monuments in homage to the common individual sufferings of humankind.In the years that followed, At Dusk has issued forth a number of demos and collaborations, and even briefly saw expressions of its lamentations in the form of a live performing entity. The forthcoming epistle, Anhedonia, renders four odes on the varying aspects and embodiments of woe - and stands as the fullest, most realized statement of this art yet to be uttered.

At Dusk seeks to uncloud eyes blinded to the nigh-universal suffering inflicted by the overarching systems of the modern, civilized world - the alienation of bodies, minds, and souls and violent oppression in its many forms. This is not a celebration of pain, but a necessary acknowledgement. Yes, at times, one’s heart could break in sorrow. May these threnodies stand as a stark and winsome memento dolori to those who have ears to hear it." - Korihor

Limited to 100 copies on black shell cassettes.


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