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Broken Limbs

BLR036: Wolvhammer / Krieg Split 7″

$ 5.00

Midwestern blackened sludge act Wolvhammer and east coast black metal stalwart Krieg team up for a ferocious split 7" on Broken Limbs. This partnership is an exciting and extensive preview of the road ahead. A busy year for both bands, with Profound Lore releasing Wolvhammer's new full-length, Crawling Into Black Sun on July 8, and in September, Krieg's Transient will be available through Candlelight Records.

"In a nutshell, this is a thoroughly riveting split by two very talented bands that not only will whet your appetite for the albums to come but is very much worth having in its own right." - No Clean Singing

"A 7-inch release you should probably buy right now." - Meat Mead Metal

Wolvhammer formed in 2008 and has evolved into a powerful mixture of black metal and sludge. Over the course of three records, the third being the recent Clawing into Black Sun released by Profound Lore on July 8, and constant live shows Wolvhammer has built a strong reputation as one of America's best kept secrets. Wolvhammer's rendition of “Slaves to the Grime” is an alternate take on the album version.

Krieg was formed in early 1995 as a solo project by Neill Jameson. In the nearly twenty years since it's formation Krieg has progressed from sheer aggressive black noise into a more refined mixture of black metal, crust punk and post punk. Having more than thirty releases including seven full lengths, the newest Transient to be released on Candlelight Records in September, Krieg has had a direct impact as one of the country's oldest and most influential black metal bands.

500 copies are available: 300 black and 200 on black with green and yellow splatter, each with a download code.

Wolvhammer's rendition of "Slaves to the Grime" is an alternate take on the Crawling Into Black Sun version.

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