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Broken Limbs

BLR031: Ramlord – S/T 7″

$ 5.00

The eternal war on blackened stenchviolence rages on as Ramlord releases a new 7" on Broken Limbs followed by a 10" split with Connecticut's finest purveyors of suffocating doom, Sea of Bones.

Since the violent birth of Ramlord in the grey winter of 2011, three crust fundamentalists have tirelessly slaved at producing the most bleak and bitter combinations of black metal, stenchcore and punishing doom in an attempt to project their inner disappointment onto this dying earth. Following an opus to inherent filth of mankind (Crippled Minds, Sundered Wisdom), Ramlord has unleashed a torrent of split releases, fine-tuning the perfect balance of entropic growth and auditory decay.

Limited to 300 7" copies: 200 black and 100 yellow with blue splatter.


1. The Breached Sanctum
2. The Fog of Neglect

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