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Broken Limbs

BLR001: Vattnet Viskar - S/T CDr (First press edition)

$ 3.00

First pressing of Vattnet Viskar's debut EP. Later repressed by Burning World Records. Recently unearthed first pressing CDr version of it's S/T EP. Limited copies remain.

"...what might take their more established peers the better part of your lunchtime takes these upstarts from a small New Hampshire town less than a minute." - Pitchfork

"Vattnet Viskar are from New Hampshire, and they play black metal. The cold and wooded areas of the tip of the United States can provide just as much of a dark and atmospheric inspiration to musicians as the frozen fjords and vast forests of Norway. Their self-titled EP was recorded in a barn during the chilly New England fall. The band has stated that the lyrics explore mankind’s relationship to his environment, and how small we are in comparison to the vastness of nature. But this EP is anything but small sounding..." - Cvlt Nation

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