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Ancst - Moloch LP - Broken Limbs Recordings
Halo of Flies

Ancst - Moloch LP

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"Ancst is tired. The members of the collective itself are probably worn out from recent tours and the effort it took to bring their vicious new album, Moloch, into fruition, but moreso than that, they're tired of society's bullshit, and are using their DIY-built platform to address and confront those ills. As a statement of intent on their website makes clear, "We're tired asking the same unanswered questions and using this collective to create a vent for all the accumulated frustration about democracy, fascists, racists, sexists and all the other fucked up agendas. Our storm will wash it all away."

That storm is brewing for sure, as the band gears up to release its most ambitious and widely-distributed album yet. Ancst's sound is a frantic blend of black metal, crust, post-rock, screamo, and hardcore—"neocrust," if you insist, though the band's impartial to genre tags. It's urgent, dynamic music with a firmly-held message: "anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-religion, death to NSBM." These ideas are still weirdly controversial in the black metal scene, but Ancst takes a more negatively holistic view, noting that these are societal problems—not just subcultural problems—especially in their current home of Berlin, where tensions are running at a fever pitch and intolerance is on the rise." - NOISEY

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